[Printing-architecture] Automatic printer setup with Printer Applications

Michael Sweet msweet at msweet.org
Thu Feb 25 13:43:20 UTC 2021


> On Feb 25, 2021, at 4:24 AM, Till Kamppeter <till.kamppeter at gmail.com> wrote:
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> Central repositories, like the Snap Store would need some hardware-signature-based search, see
> https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/hardware-associated-snaps-snap-store-search-by-hardware-signature/

That is certainly one approach, and if Canonical is going to provide some general support for finding snaps that support particular hardware (not just printers) then it makes sense.

That said, the number of printer applications is not likely to be huge (LPrint, hp-printer-app, and ps-printer-app make 3, and potential future HP-LIP and Gutenprint printer applications make 5), so even if you just maintained files with the latest "app-name drivers" output you'd be able to do a good job of mapping printers to printer applications.

Remember, Printer Applications are addressing a short term (~10 year?) need to support legacy printers, at which point the primary users will be "experts" that wouldn't use the default printer application/IPP Everywhere support anyways.  New printers almost universally support IPP (the outliers being for "experts").

Michael Sweet

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