[Printing-architecture] Make use of extended color spaces on IPP printers

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Mon May 31 19:38:10 UTC 2021

On 31/05/2021 20:13, Michael Sweet wrote:
> Till,
>> On May 31, 2021, at 11:03 AM, Till Kamppeter <till.kamppeter at gmail.com> wrote:
>> ...
>> Do you know which Linux applications generate correct PDF files?
> Sorry, I did some quick testing and wasn't able to find a single Linux application that does things properly...  Maybe we can fix that...

How would you fix that in CUPS/cups-filters?

For me it looks like a bug in the PDF generators in the applications, 
meaning that one has to report this for every PDF generator. Cairo 
probably covers a lot of applications, but for example specialized photo 
applications (darktable, RawTherapee, ...) probably have their own PDF 
generators, and they all have this bug.

It is really a bug as the applications send PDF files where the printing 
system cannot determine which is the color space actually used and so it 
cannot correctly reproduce the colors on a printer and use the most 
suitable of the color spaces which the printer offers.


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