[Printing-architecture] CUPS SNAP and distributions (was Re: OpenPrinting News)

Zdenek Dohnal zdohnal at redhat.com
Mon Jul 19 08:05:22 UTC 2021

On 7/18/21 12:50 PM, Andreas Radke via Printing-architecture wrote:
> Am Sat, 17 Jul 2021 02:10:04 +0200
> schrieb Till Kamppeter <till.kamppeter at gmail.com>:
>> Hi,
>> I have posted the newest development of the last month on our web
>> site now.
>> Here we go:
>> https://openprinting.github.io/OpenPrinting-News-July-2021/
>>      Till
> "Add a migration script so that OS distributions can easily switch over
> from classic packages to the CUPS Snap"
> I highly doubt major distributions will follow that way.
I wanted to mention my thoughts regarding this on a OpenPrinting monthly 
call, but I haven't managed to join yet :( , so I'll post my 
plans+thoughts here, since you began the conversation :)
>   Please make
> sure it will be possible to kepp full support with custom
> built distribution packages as well.
It would be great if it was possible. And IMO it still will be.
> Arch Linux will never add such official snap support or access to the
> snap store at all.

As for Fedora I plan to package all required projects as RPMs, verify 
that all new features work as expected and then focus on SNAP. IMHO it 
is easier to figure out whether the possible issue is due SNAP 
environment, or if the feature itself is buggy.

For RHEL/CentOS Stream, RPMs will be supported projects versions for now 
- as for a containerized printing stack, IMHO I cannot use SNAPs (unless 
I take snapd under my wings) there, but I will need to use flatpack 
(already in RHEL/CentOS Stream).

But as an overall thought on containerized printing stack - it would be 
great if the test suites of containerized projects were improved first 
(where possible) if we ship the current upstream sources (from master 
branch) - then if we run those test suites before the project gets 
containerized, this way we can provide a quality assurance for people 
using the container.

And testing would help getting the containerized CUPS as a default in 
the future.

I'm planning to go through our downstream regression test suite and see 
if some of those can be added to CUPS/cups-filters test suites, and 
enhancing the test suites where I can.

> Andy
> Arch Linux
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