[Printing-architecture] How to share an IPP print queue from Windows to Linux without samba

Zdenek Dohnal zdohnal at redhat.com
Mon Aug 2 12:08:11 UTC 2021

Hi all,

last week I was trying to share an IPP queue from Windows machine to 
Linux machine on the same network, but without using Samba - I tried it 
because I wanted to find whether samba printer application will be 
needed in the future, because IMO it is one of possible outcomes in the 
future if we remove drivers (manufacturers will not implement a printer 
application if their printer has advanced features above IPP Everywhere 
and will say 'use win driver+samba' for advanced features)

But I wasn't lucky - I followed how-to's for windows how to share a 
print queue (which I set up), turned off firewall on the Windows machine 
and tried to look for mDNS messages from Linux host, but I haven't seen 
any... it looks 'sharing' in Windows just enables the queue for sharing 
via Samba...

Then I tried to create a permanent queue in Linux host, but I'm not sure 
about on which port Windows printing daemon lives.

Was anyone able to set the printer sharing from Windows without Samba? 
Is it even possible?

Thank you in advance!


Zdenek Dohnal
Software Engineer
Red Hat Czech - Brno TPB-C

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