[Printing-architecture] Deprecation of all modules except for everywhere

Christian Wolf cups at accounts.christian-wolf.click
Mon Oct 25 14:36:23 UTC 2021


> Classic CUPS printer drivers are replaced by Printer Applications and
> Printer Applications are emulations of IPP Everywhere printers. With
> trhis all printers will appear as IPP Everywhere (or driverless IPP)
> printers. The modern ones do this already by themselves, for the old
> ones we use Printer Applications.

so, I see there is a fallback plan in place. If I understand this correctly, 
one mainly sourced the usage of PPDs out into standalone applications so the 
CUPS core is free of bloat. Makes sense.

> Most existing free software CUPS drivers are already available as
> Printer Applications. You get them here:
> https://snapcraft.io/search?q=OpenPrinting

I will have a look there soon. Eventually, I will return in case of problems. 

Thanks anyhow for the detailed information (also to Zdenek)


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