[Inkjet-list] Epson IJS available

Jackie Chang jchang at eitc.epson.com
Fri Feb 8 14:18:29 PST 2002

Sorry.  I just get informed that it will take a few days to put the Epson IJS package on the website.  I will announce it when it is available on the website.

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  Epson has put together an IJS package that provides a reference implementation of the IJS version 0.32 protocol and APIs.  The package includes a set of MIT licensed modules including a sample client, a sample Ghostscript client, a sample server and a sample client/server tester.  In addition, we have provided a reference EPSON IJS service (binary only) available for test and evaluation only.


  You can download the package from www.epsondevelopers.com/lprint.jsp (or www.epsondevelopers.com/downloadList.jsp).


  Jackie Chang

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