[printing-driver] Canon CAPT driver - WORK IN PROGRESS

Hin-Tak Leung htl10 at users.sourceforge.net
Sun May 23 14:49:44 PDT 2010

You could have asked a lot earlier - The Canon people are one of the main group of people behind the openprinting vector printer driver on sourceforge.jp .

As for information about the CAPT laser printers, and LBP printers in general, there are a few resources; there are a few lbp* printer models in gs at the moment; there are also some other open-source drivers on the internet from various people for lbp/capt drivers and there are official Canon drivers (close-source) on Canon's web site. Unfortunately both of the latter (open source drivers on the internet, and closed-source drivers for the capt/lbp printers) are available in Japanese and you'll need to read Japanese or find somebody who does to read up on it. I don't know about specific models and or how simliar they are. These pieces of information are not on the linux foundation openprinting web site, mostly because Till doesn't do Japanese, and also for the last one, has a policy not to list close-source linux drivers. But they are available.

Lastly, please don't go the foo2xxx route - it is just not good practice - there are cups raster, ijs, opvp, all trying to have a closer/faster co-operation with the rendering upstream.

--- On Sun, 23/5/10, Alexey Galakhov <agalakhov at gmail.com> wrote:


I'm working on the driver for Canon so-called CAPT laser printers based on reverse engineering. I own a LBP-2900 one. So far, I have something like working Hi-SCoA compression and CAPT command i/o. I'm able to print small images but, for some reason, the printer stops responding if trying to print something that is more than 100 lines in height.

I'm looking for any help in debugging my driver, reverse engineering the printer and so on.

Everything I wrote is available on Sourceforge at foo2capt.sourceforge.net .

With best regards,


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