[lsm-printing] Re: [Foomatic] Driver maintainers?

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Thu Oct 14 11:01:40 PDT 2004

David Chamberlin wrote:
> Hi Till,
> Hope your wedding and honeymoon were relaxing. :o)

It was great, thanks.

> Sorry, you have to come home to such nonsense about the "perfectly
> supported", not necessarily "works perfectly".
> Alas, it's a HP and they should have known better...
> I suppose eventually all high moments of enlightenment have to
> be overwhelmed by a digress of ranting...
> PS.  We are thinking about some means internally to store all model data in 
> an XML schema for our devices.  It would include the model specific
> information,
> feature information, PDL information, constraint information, etc.  We want
> it
> to be able to generate PPDs, UPDF, (and well, why not, MS GPDs) for use in a
> variety of platforms that support these files.

Sound nice.

>  Unfortunately, I'll probably
> not
> be able to Open Source the effort...

This does not sound very nice. Will there at least some result from this 
go into free software (PPDs, PJL, PCL, ...)?

> I'll do my best to update our info on the Web Site and train our engineers
> on it...

Is there already info on a web site from Kyocera?

> Also, I found some help for PDQ admin, etc.  PDQ2 can be re-merged into the
> main branch, but I don't know how
> to accomplish.  I need some guidelines - know where I should start?

Simply commit all changes to the CVS of the PDQ SourceForge project, 
then make a release.


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