[Printing-japan] Fixed packages of the CUPS PDF filters

Martin Pitt martin.pitt @ ubuntu.com
2008年 8月 7日 (木) 23:35:42 PDT

Till Kamppeter [2008-08-07 16:05 +0200]:
>> (1) copying only needed codes into pdftoopvp ?
> Yes, this would be a solution. If you make the copied code pieces as  
> small as possible you reduce the risk of catching security bugs from the  
> original Poppler a lot. But make sure that one can compile your code  
> easily also with future versions of Poppler.

Copying two functions with hundred lines is ok. But if it's half of
poppler, then it is definitively too much. That's why we have
libraries for. If you need extensions to the poppler library, they
should go upstream as patches in the freedesktop.org bug tracker, then
the long-term maintenance is much easier for all involved parties.


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