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Gé Weijers Ge.Weijers at Sun.COM
Thu Sep 2 21:28:19 PDT 2004

Cihula, Joseph wrote:

> Ge',
> Could you send me a link to the interview that you mentioned (about 
> how much code has changed).
> Thanks,
> Joe Cihula
> Intel Corp.
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After some googling I now believe it was not an interview, but a speech 
Andrew gave at the '04 Ottawa Linux Symposium. The transscript is here:


"What else can we do to accommodate all these new requirements and all 
this new code? We need to be able to accommodate, within the stable 
kernel, large changes and a high rate of change without breaking the 
code base. Across the lifetime of the 2.6 kernel we’ll see many changes 
as features are added and as we support new hardware. And the rate of 
change within the kernel has sped up. If we look at the changes in the 
first six months from the release of 2.4.0 and compare that to the 
changes from the first six months after the release of 2.6.0, in 2.4 we 
deleted 22,000 lines and added 600,000 lines. And in 2.6 we deleted 
600,000 lines and added 900,000 lines. In the first six months. That’s 
1.5 million lines were changed in a 6.2 million-line tree, a 64 MB diff 
in the first six months of the stable kernel. We changed a quarter of it!"

I'm thinking of running a diff between two versions of FreeBSD six 
months apart, I'm sure it's not a 1.5 million line change.


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