[Security_sig] OLS Security BOF

Chris Wright chrisw at osdl.org
Thu Apr 14 14:37:15 PDT 2005

* Doc Shankar (dshankar at us.ibm.com) wrote:
> I am doing a BOF specifically on Linux CC Certification experience. At 
> some point I would like to discuss it in a meeting here to get feedback. 

Yeah, I saw that.  Also noticed the audit BOF, which may be of interest
to folks here.

Any time is fine.  Just give me some notice to get it on the agenda.

> Please read the abstract I submitted and comment as a start. What would 
> you like to see in this session? 

Some points of interest might be:

1) What was missing in Linux?
2) How much time did it take to prepare for evaluation?
3) How much is reusable (I'm hinting at documentation effort which has
been proposed to be collaborative and centralized before)?

Other than that, your questions posed are quite relevant.  It could
easily be the case that most attendees aren't that familiar with CC

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