[Security_sig] 8/18 Conf. call minutes

Chris Wright chrisw at osdl.org
Thu Aug 18 10:07:36 PDT 2005

	Chris Wright (OSDL)
	Mary Edie Meredith (OSDL)
	John Cherry (OSDL)
	Ed Reed (Novell)

	- DCL security spec
        - DCL use cases


	Review Ed's outline next meeting


Long discussion re: virtualization and security requirements.

Mary: Use cases and capability docs

Mary: Took the capability docs outline and created the use cases.
Difficulty in getting people to review, is it ready for greater

Ed: I think so.

Ed: The outline could be broken up to the high-level pieces and flush
each out piece.

Mary: Then we'd take each of those pieces to the right community for
feedback?  Or do we just need to list the capabilities.

Ed: Need clarification on the audience.

Mary: Audience is DCL members wanting to make sure there's no major
hidden gaps.  And security community to make sure the security outlined
is reasonable in datacenter.

Ed: What we have needs to be refactored so it's more digestible.

Mary: Can we re-review the outline next call so and prioritize the
high-level items?

Ed: Could start with re-post to list.

Mary: I'll be out next week, hopefully I can get that started this week.

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