[Security_sig] Draft Linux requirements for US Department of the Army (DA)

Andy Murren andy at murren.org
Thu Feb 10 05:52:02 PST 2005


Here is a draft that addresses most, but not all DA requirements.
This covers everything from servers, like in DCL, to workstations,
like in DTL, to Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs), handheld systems
which we have not touched.

I worked on this before I went on active duty in the summer and used
the RFC sytle MUST, MAY, SHOULD, for requirements.  I have made some
changes and updates since then based on new rules.

Several major Army systems (Future Combat Systems (FCS) and PM
Soldier) are using Linux as their base system, so this is something I
am dealing with now.

Feel free to cut and paste what you want.  Please give me feed back.
Some of the requirements cannot be changed, I don't control them.
Question any one you would like though. 



Andy Murren
andy (at) murren (dot) org
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