[Security_sig] Draft Linux requirements for US Department of the Army (DA)

Stephen Smalley sds at epoch.ncsc.mil
Thu Feb 10 06:09:25 PST 2005

On Thu, 2005-02-10 at 08:52, Andy Murren wrote:
> Feel free to cut and paste what you want.  Please give me feed back.
> Some of the requirements cannot be changed, I don't control them.
> Question any one you would like though. 

Last I looked, SNARE had significant issues in its kernel code.  If you
are going to recommend auditing options, then you should look at the
mainline 2.6 kernel's audit framework that is being enhanced further to
meet CAPP requirements, and if necessary for short term usage, at the
LAuS audit implementation by SuSE that has already been CAPP evaluated.

Stephen Smalley <sds at epoch.ncsc.mil>
National Security Agency

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