[Security_sig] Help! I've got frames, and I can't figure out how to get them ordered in OO!

Matt Anderson mra at hp.com
Tue May 3 08:25:02 PDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-05-03 at 08:04 -0600, Ed Reed wrote:
> Hi - 
> I'm trying to edit a version of the CGL security doc that Ge sent out,
> and it's got these cute little frames for each of the "capabilities" -
> looks like a table, shaded headers, a few open text cells... 
> But they stack on top of each other and I can't for the life of me
> figure out by what reason or logic they position with respect to each
> other...does anyone have a "frames for dummies" hint they could share
> with me? 

I can't really help you with a frames for dummies guide, or hints on
getting the placement right, but I can at least tell you why those
frames are there.  The frames that are below another frame are there so
that when the document is viewed or printed they are hidden.  Their
purpose is to be used to generate the table of contents for the

As for OOo, good luck.  This seems to be part of the missing 10%.  I did
find that the 2.x version of OOo did handle it a little better than 1.x,
but I ended up going back to Word when I was dealing with any of that.
I ended up finding OOo for content, Word for formatting.


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