[Security_sig] Help! I've got frames, and I can't figure outhow to get them ordered in OO!

Ed Reed ereed at novell.com
Tue May 3 15:51:26 PDT 2005

Thanks - I've used the original document as a template, but did away with the frames...basically, just kept the cover sheet :-) 
A first cut is in internal review

>>>Steven Dake <sdake at mvista.com> 05/03/05 3:54 pm >>>

The security spec has undergone some pretty serious changes as the
result of about 6 hours of live editing.  Some things we did were to
standardize the format to match the rest of the cgl specs, remove all
1st person/2nd person comments, tweak some of the requirements to be
more specific, table-ize many of the items that could have been in
tables, and bulletize many of the bullet-able things.  Both Joseph and
Mike provided their input on these efforts and had override authority
over john/I wanting to make the spec have one voice with the remaining

If you want the latest version, its in the cgl specs group at
groups.osdl.org or I can mail you a copy.  We hope to have it finalized
by Wednesday.  Also, it really wont work in OO because OO is missing
some key features we require for a document of this type.  As much as I
dislike having to use windows, there really is little choice when
working on these sorts of documents..


On Tue, 2005-05-03 at 09:23, Ed Reed wrote:
>Oh, I was just going to try to match up with the formating, but
>content is more important, now, than being pretty.
>For this pass, the frames are history.  Someone can go back in with MS
>Word if they really think it's that important and reformat the
>>>>Chen, Terence <terence.chen at intel.com> 05/03/05 12:17 pm >>>
>Steve and John from CGL side are in the process of cleaning up the
>security spec. I believe Steve is planning to have it finalized by
>tomorrow. You might want to wait for the cleaned version available
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>>On Tue, 2005-05-03 at 08:04 -0600, Ed Reed wrote:
>>>Hi -
>>>I'm trying to edit a version of the CGL security doc that Ge sent
>>>and it's got these cute little frames for each of the capabilities
>>>looks like a table, shaded headers, a few open text cells...
>>>But they stack on top of each other and I can't for the life of me
>>>figure out by what reason or logic they position with respect to
>>>other...does anyone have a frames for dummies hint they could
>>>with me?
>>I can't really help you with a frames for dummies guide, or hints on
>>getting the placement right, but I can at least tell you why those
>>frames are there.  The frames that are below another frame are there
>>that when the document is viewed or printed they are hidden.  Their
>>purpose is to be used to generate the table of contents for the
>>As for OOo, good luck.  This seems to be part of the missing 10%.  I
>>find that the 2.x version of OOo did handle it a little better than
>>but I ended up going back to Word when I was dealing with any of
>>I ended up finding OOo for content, Word for formatting.

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