[Security_sig] Completion of NFSv4 Test Matrix prioritization effort

Bryce Harrington bryce at osdl.org
Wed May 11 10:42:42 PDT 2005

Today marks the completion of the prioritization work for the Linux
NFSv4 Test Matrix.  The fully prioritized version of the test matrix,
1.12, is now available:


This represents the efforts of over a dozen individuals over the course
of about twenty weekly calls, plus numerous mailing list discussions.
We consider this to be a pretty thorough analysis of what needs to be
tested, and hope the priorization work will help testers determine where
their energies are best directed.

The Test Matrix provides a broad, top-level overview of the work.  In
some cases the steps needed to perform the tasks are clear, but in many
cases further detail is needed  ---  If you do not have the time or
resources to participate with the full testing, simply helping with
planning out a few tests will be a significant contribution!  Please
drop me an email if you are interested in this.

As well, while our prioritization work has identified the highest
priorities, we've got a LOT of high priority items.  What we need to do
is identify a subset to do in the near term, then a subset to do after
that, etc.  By dividing the work into a sequence of milestones, we will
be able to focus on tangible points of achievement and set expectations
about the order the work will be done.  I anticipate posting this
'testing roadmap' within the next week or so.

Thank you everyone who participated in the prioritization effort and
helping us meet this milestone.  :-)


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