[Security_sig] DCL Capabilities section - highest level outline review

Mary Edie Meredith maryedie at osdl.org
Thu Sep 1 11:30:38 PDT 2005

To make further progress on Ed's great start for the  
Data Center Capabilities Security section, I will 
start a series of threads designed to trigger feedback 
with a minimal amount of effort. All material is taken 
from the Version 0.43 (Enclosed for your 
reference in Open Office format). 

Our goal between now and next conference call is to 
review the high level outline and discuss Section 2 
in more detail.  We've already been through Server 
Usage Profiles (2.1) thanks to the use case discussions 
(we will be replacing the text from 2.1 by referring to 
the use cases).

Here is your first assignment.  Look at this list of the
highest level break-down and see if anything is missing 
or wrong.  Respond to indicate you have reviewed it - 
corrections or not:

 1 Introduction
 2 Security Objectives	
 	2.1 Server Usage Profiles	
 	2.2 Organizational Security 
 	2.3 Environmental Assumptions	
 	2.4 Security Objectives	
 	2.5 Environmental Assumptions	
 3 Security Capabilities
 	3.1 Identification and Authentication	
 	3.2 Access Controls (Discretionary)	
 	3.3 Audit, Accounting and Accountability
 	3.4 Mandatory Access Controls
 	3.5 Integrity Protections & Least Privilege	 
	3.6 Availability and Continuity of Operations
 	3.7 Cryptography
 	3.8 Trusted Services
	3.9 Documentation
 	3.10 Installation & Delivery
 4 Security Roadmap



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