[Security_sig] Kernel security improvement

KALILOU DIABY dika3584 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 10:21:17 UTC 2017

Hello !!!

Before I would like to excuse me for my English level

I am a passionate of kernel development preciously the kernel hardening.

And I would like to purpose you my idea for harding kernel

Idea : The files enter in the terminal (desktop, ...) is analyzing  since a
kernel module.
         That is to say by the analysis of headers of each email and to
make a comparison with our owner database of knowledge which
         is content in our terminal

NB : I would like to have yours opinions and yours marks

French version :::

Idée : Les fichiers devant être enregistrés sur un terminal (PC, etc)
depuis un émail seront analysés par un programme du kernel qui fera une
         comparaison entre l’entête de l’émail en question et la base de
connaissance contenu sur notre machine.

      NB  J'aimerais avoir votre avis et suggestions

Best regards Kalilou ...
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