[Tech-board-discuss] Standing for the Technical Advisory Board - Sarah Sharp

Sarah Sharp sarah.a.sharp at linux.intel.com
Tue Oct 22 17:41:15 UTC 2013

[Resending, since the Tech-board-discuss mailing list is
subscriber-only, and my original email didn't make it through.]

I'm running for The Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board (TAB),
and I would appreciate your vote!  I will be at the joint Kernel Summit
and LinuxCon party tomorrow, where you can cast your vote.

The TAB is designed to be a bridge between the Linux community and the
Linux Foundation.  It advises the Linux Foundation on anything from
conference planning to community matters.  The TAB also advises the
Linux Foundation on technical matters, including how to influence the
larger technical industry in order to get better Linux support.  For
example, the TAB members were involved in creating an initial solution
for UEFI secure boot and advising the Linux Foundation on how to
influence the tech industry to allow booting Linux on Windows 8
computers.  Basically, the TAB is the voice of the Linux community.

If I'm elected, the TAB will benefit from my six years of experience
with influencing the wider tech industry.  I've worked directly with
everyone from hardware architects, BIOS developers, OEMs, and Linux
distros.  I've influenced USB specification working groups in order to
ensure good Linux support.  I feel this experience working with industry
will help me advise the Linux Foundation and the TAB on to how balance
the business needs of companies while still influencing the larger
industry in directions that benefit Linux.

I also bring a unique perspective to the TAB.  I've been the USB 3.0
driver maintainer for the past four years, which is long enough to
master the Linux kernel patch creation process, from submitting an RFC
patchset to sending pull requests and working with the stable kernel
trees.  However, I haven't been working in the kernel long enough to
forget what it's like being a newbie to our community.  Through working
with Linux kernel interns in the FOSS Outreach Program for women, I see
ways we could make our communities and conferences better for newcomers.
I would love to bring that knowledge and ideas to the Linux Foundation
through the TAB.

I also plan on encouraging the Linux Foundation to continue its efforts
to increase diversity in the Linux community.  Since April, I have been
coordinating women interns and Linux kernel mentors through the FOSS
Outreach Program for Women.  We had 41 women apply for 7 internship
positions, which shows there is an interest and a need for these kinds
of programs.  Our summer interns were outstanding, and made the #13 top
contributor spot for the 3.11 kernel with 230 patches.  The Linux
Foundation was a part of that, through sponsoring three internship
slots.  However, there's a lot more the Linux Foundation could do to
encourage women and other minorities in our community.  I would love to
advise them through the TAB on how to increase diversity within the
Linux community and in Linux Foundation conferences.

I feel the TAB could benefit from my experience with influencing the
tech industry, and my experience as a Linux kernel maintainer.  Please
join me in improving our communities for newcomers and underrepresented
groups. Please vote for me for the Linux Foundation Technical Advisory
Board tomorrow!

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